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Challenge 7 Voting!

Welcome to the FINALS!

  • Do NOT vote for yourself.
  • If you're a contestant, you DO NOT have to vote this week.
  • Please enter the number of your most favorite drabbles in the poll.
  • Please keep in mind the prompt (Seasons) when voting: Whatever "Seasons" inspires you to drabble!

Winners will be announced Friday afternoon!

Author: carrie_leigh 
Title: Seasons Change
Words: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: None

A chill hung in the air, leaves swirled down in a fanciful dance to settle on the bare earth; she gazed at Draco through lowered lashes.


He stood in the wintry breeze, the snowflakes blending with the color of in his hair as he stood staring up at her silhouette through the closed shade of her window.


The dappled sunlight shone through the trees to the new blades of grass; he reached out and Draco cracked a smile at Ginny's laughter as he pulled her close.


Hands intertwined as lips met, and the summer heat blazed around them as he whispered his love.

Author: ayane_tsurugi 
Title: Seasonality
Words: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: None.

He likes to make a big deal about his favorite season being Winter. After all, he’s a Malfoy, and everyone knows that ice flows beneath that pale skin just as naturally for him as blood does for us.

She’s always said that her favorite season is Summer, when she can be with her family, enjoying the warmth and not having to see him skulking about.

But really, for both of them, the answer’s the same. Coming back to Hogwarts in the Autumn brings covert smiles to their lips: she likes catching him staring, and he just likes seeing her happy.

Author: ayane_tsurugi 
Title: The Meaning Behind Smokes
Words: 475
Rating: PG
Warnings: EWE

“You know we don’t have to do this,” she said as he pulled out his third cigarette of the evening and flicked the lighter open. They were standing outside Hogwarts’ huge castle doors and they could hear music playing and the soft rumble of many people talking at once; the sounds of Draco’s ten year reunion.

A reunion to which they were very late. Being a Weasley, you got used to the term “fashionably late” because so many people should not be made to get ready in such a small house, but tonight, Draco had planned it this way. Despite the fierce determination to face the people in the Great Hall who had been trying to blame him for the tragedies of war these last ten years, he’d wanted an easy out. If no one saw him, he could simply turn back around and go home.

“I know we don’t,” he said. But she knew that he wasn’t going to leave. The first cigarette, that was the stress smoke. He’d paced in front of the steps and smoked it down to the filter, ranting to her in much the same way as he’d been doing for the last week as he decided whether it was worth it to go and whether it was worth it to “drag you down with me,” phrased complete with an emphatic gesture towards her.

The second cigarette was the decision-maker. He’d reminisced, talking about Quidditch and Slytherin and making up some romantic story about watching her sitting by the lake that she knew was bullshit. She’d kissed him then, even though she hated the way his mouth tasted when he smoked, and he’d smirked. When they walked in, which she’d already known they would, eventually, it would be like their debut. They’d been together two years, and still the only ones who knew were Hermione, who was too observant for her own good, and Pansy Parkinson, about whom Draco said the same thing.

The third cigarette, this one was the acceptance smoke. He knew what he had to do, he just had to calm down enough to do it. He had a reputation to protect, after all. The thought made her snort in laughter and he studied her curiously for a moment. When he checked his watch, he laughed too. “Do you think Hermione and Pansy are angry at us yet?”

In her mind, she could see the both of them tapping their feet and sharing annoyed glances, much to the confusion of their parties, and grinned. “Furious.”

He threw the last part of his smoke on the ground and mashed it with his shoe, then threaded their fingers together. Walking up the stairs and into the Entrance Hall, his face became a mask of calm indifference. “Let’s do this,” she said, and he pushed open the Great Hall doors.

Author: carrie_leigh 
Title: A Convincing Argument
Words: 475
Rating: R
Warnings: suggestive language

"Don't go." The words were spoken quietly but firmly, without any pleading.

Draco turned to look at her, his expression hard lines. "Why? Why shouldn't I?"

Ginny was instantly incredulous. "What the hell, Malfoy?" she cried, her face flushing pink in anger. "I'd hope that the last three months would speak for themselves!"

There was no mirth in his smile. "So we're back to 'Malfoy,' are we? Just last night it was 'Draco, harder! Draco, now!' he sneered, in an imitation of her moans.

There was a brief flash of hurt, and then she snapped, "Well, forgive me. You're not making me exactly orgasmic at the moment, Draco. You're being an arse."

"Then why don't you go be with someone who's capable of both pleasuring you and being kind, as well. You know that I'm incapable, Ginevra."

"You are not," she answered harshly. "You only hide behind that as an escape."

"I'm not hiding from anything," he told her simply. "If either of us is hiding, it's you. You're deceitful. Hypocritical. In the end, all you really want is him," he spat.

"Him?" Ginny asked. "Him? Draco, is this about Harry?"

"It all boils down to him, doesn't it? The entire world loves him. And the worst part, Ginny? The worst part is that you do, too."

"Yeah," Ginny agreed belligerently. "I do love Harry."

Draco's entire being hardened. "And that is why I'm going."

"Do you want me to lie?" she asked. "I could do that, lie and say that Harry didn't mean anything to me. But he did. He does. He was my first love."

"Goodbye, Weasley. Good riddance."

"First love is what I had with Harry. I was infatuated. I loved the idea of him."

Ginny's voice grew louder, forcing him to stop in his tracks. "And I thought that was all there was to love, until I met you."

She breathed a sigh of relief; he'd stopped. "With you, I learned that love is work: frustrating and messy. But when you're loved in return, it's worth every moment of effort, because it's the single greatest feeling on Earth."

"What makes you think I love you?" he asked stiffly.

She smiled and approached him slowly. "Because when you're not cross, you call me 'Ginny,' and you allow me to sleep in your bed. You watch me, fret about my well being and you make me feel safe, cared for. You love me."

"Even if I did, why should I stay?"

"Because you're better with me than you are without me."

"That's the truest thing you've said all night," Draco allowed, his arms falling around her of their own accord.

"It's all true, Draco."

He squeezed her gently and dropped his cheek to rest atop her head, ever amazed at how this woman could win an argument. "If you say so, Ginny."

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