Little Dollface (dollfaced) wrote in dg_ldws,
Little Dollface

Results! Challenge 3

The votes are in and it's time to announce the results! A HUGE thanks to the 15 people who voted this week!

The WINNER of Challenge 3 is rynstar15 for "A New Mission"!

Mods' Choice for this challenge goes to leigh_adams for "Unwritten"!

And now we come to our least favorite part. This week we'll be saying good bye to hipokras, who did not submit a drabble this week.

leigh_adams MF:2 LF:4
rynstar15 MF:8 LF:2
devinecancerian MF:0 LF:4
cursedinsanity MF:4 LF:4

Congrats to the winners and all the participants! Authors' names should be revealed at the voting post soon. Challenge 4 will be posted shortly! Last challenge before the FINALS!
Tags: challenge 3, round five, winners

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