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Round Five, Challenge Four

Hello Draco/Ginny lovers! It's time for Challenge Four! Is everyone excited? :D

First of all, there's a couple housekeeping things we need to go over:

* All LDWS drabbles must be submited in a screened comment to THIS post.
* Contest drabbles must be EXACTLY 475 words.
* LDWS drabbles are due by midnight (EST) on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010.
* Please DO NOT post them anywhere else until after the winners are revealed.
* Remember there are no skips for this round, so please notify myself, amethyst18 or dollfaced immediately if for some reason you are unable to turn in your drabble.
* Please look over your drabbles for errors and use a beta if you choose. However, please do not mention your beta by name in the author's notes.
* Reply in a comment to THIS post with your drabbles using this header:

Author's Notes:

But that's all old news. So, let's get on to the challenge!

Challenge #4: RomCom
Prompt: Write a drabble inspired by the Romantic Comedy film genre. It can be based on a specific movie or the genre as a whole.
Word Count: Exactly 475 words

As soon as we receive your contest drabble, your name will be crossed off from this list. Remember, they're due before MIDNIGHT (EST or GMT -4) on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010.



And that's it! Happy writing, everyone. :D
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