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Voting! Challenge Four

It's Voting Time

Drabbles are in and it's time to vote! We apologize for the lateness of this post. Voting will end on Saturday at midnight (EST) and the results plus the FINAL challenge will be posted on Sunday.

  • Do NOT vote for yourself.
  • Please enter the number of your most favorite and least favorite drabble in the poll.
  • Please use the number not the title when voting.
  • Please keep in mind the prompt when voting: Inspired by the Romantic Comedy film genre.

    Winners will be announced on Sunday!

    Author: leigh_adams
    Title: My Big Fat Weasley Wedding
    Words: 475
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: None
    Author's notes: Writing romcom is really hard when you're in more of an angsty mood (stupid real life stress). I hope everyone enjoys!

    It was a beautiful, cloudless day in the south of England. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and a light breeze blew over the fields and ruffled the long sweeping grass. There was no need for a marquee tent for this wedding; everything was perfect.

    Red and yellow roses petals decorated the makeshift aisle that through the back garden. On one side sat about fifty Weasleys, all with heads full of varying shades of red hair -- and with a few brunettes and blondes thrown in for good measure. And on the other side...

    Sat Pansy and Blaise.

    It didn't matter that his parents had refused to come to his wedding. It had at first, but he'd realized that their disdain for his fiancée didn't bother him. Compared to living without her-- well, there was no comparison.

    He'd endured the humiliation of Weasley family get-togethers. George and Charlie had made it their personal mission to see that he was properly hazed; courtesy of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, of course. Molly was constantly trying to fatten him up-- "You look a bit peaky, dear"-- and Arthur treated him with a sort of cold tolerance that had gradually warmed over time.

    All the while, Ginny had been there. Ginny, with her fiery temperament, standing up for him whenever she felt her brothers had crossed the line. At least the women of the Weasley family were on his side. The men seemed to want to hex him.

    Draco chose to ignore the little fact that, most of the time, he deserved it.

    But the moment he knew he'd been accepted into the family was at Christmas. It was the first one he'd spent away from Malfoy Manor in his entire life. Gone were the formal banquets, the balls, and the traditional quiet breakfast with his parents on Christmas Day. Now it was all laughing and merriment and chaos, from Christmas Eve until New Years.

    There was one present, lumpier than the others, that drew snickers from the family. He'd hurriedly unwrapped it, one silver brow quirking when he pulled out a hand-stitched green jumper with a large block "D" on the front.

    Potter and Weasel King-- er, Ron-- had laughed, but the look of happiness on Molly's face when he'd donned the jumper had been more than worth it.

    All of that had been merely a prelude to today. He only had two friends there to watch, but they were enough. To his left, Ginny's various brothers were standing up for him. To his right, her sisters-in-law clutched bouquets of red and yellow roses, barely hiding the hideous dresses Audrey's mother had designed for the occasion.

    But when he saw Ginny on her father's arm, he hadn't been able to keep the stupid grin from his face. Their families' objections, their personal histories, none of that mattered anymore.

    Nothing mattered but her.

    Author: cursedinsanity
    Title: It's A Sport
    Words: 475 words
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: None.
    Author's Notes: Loosely based on one of my favourite films, Notting Hill.


    Running Weasley's Wizarding Books had not been what she wanted to do. She'd always wanted to go out and see the world. But she was a girl. And girls were supposed to take over their grandfather's bookshop when he passed away. He'd always wanted her to. Besides, as Grandmother always used to say, it was the one thing the Weasleys could be proud of. The bookshop was something they had accomplished together. Ginny had never told them both about her hopes and dreams. It was just better that way.

    There was a commotion outside. Ginny couldn't be bothered. There wasn't a day that went by that didn't involve some explosion of noise outside of the bookshop. It was Diagon Alley. You'd think people would stop getting excited.

    The bell above the door rang through the shop. 'So, you sell books here?'

    Ginny didn't look up. 'Well-spotted. You have astute observation skills. Really, all these rectangular things, I thought they were just for decoration.'

    The laugh that echoed through the shop was amused and low, and Ginny looked up from her filing. The owner of the voice, however, was nowhere to be seen. She shrugged, figuring he'd left. Most people did. No one really liked books these days.

    'I'll have this one,' the voice said, suddenly very close, and Ginny looked up. Before her stood Draco Malfoy; Seeker for the Montrose Magpies. Since he'd joined the team, they'd broken their record, winning the British-Irish league eighty-seven times. Ginny loathed him.

    'You do know that actually requires you to read?' Ginny asked.

    'You don't say,' Malfoy said, leaning his arms on the counter. He'd been a year above her at Hogwarts. Star at Quidditch. Harry beat him every time, of course, which left him fuming, especially when Harry placed internationally after school. He had no idea who she was.

    'You're not getting this book,' Ginny said, taking the copy of Prince Caspian off the counter.

    'Why not?' Malfoy asked, surprised.

    'Because you're a joke,' she said. 'And you can't have my favourite book.'

    'I see,' Malfoy said. He turned round and left for the door. Just as he opened it, the flurry of press noticed him. 'You've got good taste, Ginevra,' he managed, before the crowd swallowed him up.


    'I'm just asking,' he said. Ginny looked up.

    'One date,' Malfoy pressed.

    'Shut up.'

    'No. I want to -'

    '- no,' Ginny interrupted.

    'Come on.'

    'You've asked me a hundred times. No.'

    'Why not?'

    'You want a list?'

    'Just once. One date.'

    'Will you shut up then?'

    He grinned. 'Maybe.'

    Ginny glared. 'Make it a yes and I'll go.'



    Two and a half years later, they were married.

    Author: rynstar15
    Title: Ten Things I Hate About Ginny Weasley
    Words: 475
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: Minor fluff, language
    Author's Notes: I stole some parts directly from Ten Things I Hate About You so I don’t own any rights and don’t make any money by putting it here. :)

    “But you don’t even try, Draco!” she screamed, angry tears pouring down her face.

    “You don’t understand! It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I can’t-”

    “You could if you really wanted to,” she sniffed, picking up her bag and slinging it on onto her shoulder. “But that would mean you’d actually have to work at something for once in your life and Merlin forbid you ever do that!”


    Fuck! Why couldn’t he just hate her like he was supposed to? Why had this blood-traitor brat wrapped him around her finger? This was mad, this was insane, things were dangerous enough for the both of them as it was. Why couldn’t she understand that they could be killed for this? If anyone knew…

    But he knew something like this would never be enough for a girl like her; stolen moments in the Room of Requirement, longing looks in the corridor. She was brave, if not a bit reckless, and couldn’t understand the fear that welled inside him at the thought of this getting out. He would be murdered for sure, but the look in her eyes when she’d walked out the door was killing him too.

    How could he live his life without her?


    “Ginny, you know there’s nothing he can do,” Hermione whispered cajolingly, the din of the Great Hall swallowing their conversation.

    “Why not?” Ginny cried and Hermione shushed her. “Why can’t we be together? He doesn’t even care, look at him!”

    They snuck a look at Draco where he was laughing at something Blaise Zabini had said.

    “He cares, but you know the position he’s in-” The arrival of hundreds of owls cut off Hermione’s soothing words. They looked up as a handsome barn owl dropped into Ginny’s cold porridge. Uncaring, she ripped off the note and began to read. The more she read, the more her hands shook:

    I hate the way you talk
    I hate your long red hair
    I hate the way you ride your broom
    Because you know it makes me stare
    I hate that you’re so beautiful
    I hate that you’re always right
    I hate that I see your stupid freckled face
    Every fucking night
    I hate that you can make me laugh
    Even when I know I shouldn’t
    I hate that I can’t hold you
    Even more that you think I wouldn’t
    I hate that there is never a time
    That you’re not on my mind
    But mostly I hate that I can’t hate you
    Not even close
    Not even a little bit
    Not even at all.

    When she looked up he was standing next to her, holding out his hand.

    “The last lines don’t rhyme,” she warbled as he pulled her to her feet.

    “You get the fucking point,” he grinned, grabbing her up and kissing her as the hall erupted.


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