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Voting! Round Five FINALS!

It's Voting Time

Drabbles are in and it's time to vote! Voting will end on Sunday at midnight (EST).

  • Do NOT vote for yourself. (Finalists are not required to vote)
  • Please enter the number/letter of your most favorite drabble in EACH CATEGORY (there are two: 100 words and 100-499 words) in the poll. The author with the highest combined score will be the winner.
  • Please use the number/letter, not the title, when voting.
  • Please keep in mind the prompts when voting.

    The Winner will be announced on Monday!

    CATEGORY 1: 100-499 Word Drabbles. Inspired by Film Noir

    Author: leigh_adams
    Title: A Darker Shade of Gray
    Words: 496
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: None
    Author's notes: This is based off of Sin City, so some characters and locations come from that universe. It's more of a snapshot, so I hope everyone enjoys!

    Lightning flashed, briefly illuminating the hooded figure before the door slammed shut behind him, leaving the storm outside where it belonged. Kadie's Bar was dimly lit, and the scarce few patrons didn't even look up when he entered. Smoke filtered through the air, adding an extra layer of gray to the already dingy bar.

    Pushing his cloak back from his face, Draco reached out to stop a passing waitress.

    "I'm looking for Ginny Weasley."

    The blonde gave him an inviting smile. "Eyes to the stage, love. She's just warming up."

    He looked past her towards the indicated "stage"—more like the top of the bar, really—and his mouth went dry.

    Merlin, he needed to get out of the house more often.

    A low, sultry tune played in the background as she danced, her lithe body moving to the music. Her breasts—just as fantastic as he remembered—were hidden from his gaze by a tiny little top, and her pert arse and long legs were encased in a pair of leather trousers. Through the dilapidated din, her red hair shone like a beacon in the night.

    The barman poured up a lager and slid it over the worn bar to him. As he took a long pull from his pint, Draco let himself sit back and enjoy the show. It'd been too long since he'd enjoyed Ginny's company, and his memories couldn't compare to the real thing.

    All too soon, she was sliding off the bar as the next dancer climbed on stage. It wasn't until he heard the sound of her heels that he realized she was behind him.

    "What are you doing here, Malfoy?"

    Draco turned, not bothering to hide his smirk as he gave her a long look-over. "Man can't come see the show?"

    Ginny narrowed her eyes at him and crossed her arms over her chest, immediately drawing his gaze to her breasts. "Not you, so leave."

    "The girls said you were in some sort of trouble," he said, ignoring her request. "What's going on?"

    "Becky doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut, that's what's going on," Ginny shot back, sighing as she slid on the bar stool next to him. She reached out and took his pint, taking a long chug before she set it down with a sigh.

    He merely quirked a manicured brow at her. By now, he was accustomed to her somewhat crude mannerisms.

    "I think he's after me," she said softly, eyes downcast. "The man who killed my father."

    So Rodolphus was back in England. Interesting…

    "Come with me," he said, tipping her chin up. "I can protect you."

    "If I wanted protection, I'd go to Miho," Ginny replied, shaking her head. "You can't stop him. No one can."

    Leaning in, Draco pressed his lips against hers in a soft kiss. It was against the house rules, touching the girls, but he didn't care. If Ginny Weasley was damned, then so was he.

    "I can stop him," he whispered. "Just watch me."

    Author: cursedinsanity
    Title: Build My Gallows High
    Words: 499 words
    Rating: PG for themes.
    Warnings: None.
    Author's Note: Based on the film of the same name, released in 1947. Slight AU.

    He used to sit there half-asleep, with a pint on the table in front of him. Only the music from the dance club next door would jar him awake. Girls offering dances for tickets, company for drinks and money. It was war, people did what they had to do to make end's meet.

    At Forge's he didn't have to think of the tickets or the girls. He just thought of his life, how miserable he'd become since Father had indebted himself to a lowlife dip who'd worked his way up the ranks. It was ridiculous.

    And then she walked in - all daylight fading sunshine behind her ridiculously large straw hat. She was perhaps the only thing around here that could make him remotely cheerful, he realised. Her hips swayed in a tight, powder-blue dress, with capped sleeves and a tight bodice. She was a doll. A dame. She couldn't be more than eighteen. He dropped the coin on the floor on the way to her table and she looked at the coin, then up to him as if she would rather he breezed off and never came back.

    He wasn't one to do what people wanted, so he sat down at her table, offering the coin to her. 'No, thank you,' she said, looking at him with eyes that were dark, tinged with a dangerous sparkle that was nearly not shadowed by that lovely hat. Draco wanted to lean over and touch her hair, red as the brightest rose he'd ever seen.

    'I miss it,' he admitted out loud, twisting the coin between his fingers. She lit a cigarette, rubbing her thumb over the edge of it before putting it towards her mouth. She wasn't turning him away. 'Home.'

    'You miss what used to be,' she said, pushing her cigarette out on the ashtray. 'You can't go home now, sugar. It's war.' She stood up, picking up her clutch. 'There's a little place down the road called Lave. I sometimes go there.'

    He knew she wouldn't show that night. But he went anyway and sat looking like a patsy on a bar stool for three nights in a row until she did show. She waited until the very last moment to come, the moonlight flithering in through the windows on the ceiling. They have drinks (he bourbon, she sherry) and she takes him on a night time stroll alongside the prettiest back-door sights of London he has ever seen. He learns other sights too; the Thames glitters brightly in the light of day and the way her body fits between the fields of gold and flowers she takes him to see next.

    It took him not very long to fall in love with her. And she loved him too, he knew. So when she steals all his money and his heart on a humid Monday afternoon, he could only say he loved her once.


    CATEGORY 2: 100 Word Drabbles. Inspired by the Author's Choice of movie/movie genre.

    Author: cursedinsanity
    Title: Comely
    Words: 100 words
    Rating: G
    Warnings: None.
    Author's Note: when the opportunity to mix Inception with The Notebook with practically every other drama film out there imaginable, I strained and took a firm hold of it.

    The magic surrounds her, grasps at her, and slowly the dream begins to fold, to lean into itself. The magic is a formless haze at first, and then slowly it constructs and becomes solid; a house. It's lovely and she hears the love in her heart in her ears as he stands behind her, hands over her eyes and whispers gently in her ear.

    The magic pulls and shifts out, and there is laughter. They have children. Two of them. 'Remember?' he asks. 'Yes,' she breathes, and he is dizzy with relief, until the recognition in her eyes fades.

    Author: leigh_adams
    Title: Twenty-Five Degrees
    Words: 100
    Rating: G
    Warnings: None
    Author's notes: Let's consider this an exercise in present tense. Lovingly based off the closing lines from one of my favorite movies, Amélie.

    April 12, 2004. It is exactly five o'clock in the afternoon. In Ottery St. Catchpole, the garden gnomes are stealthily creeping through the fields towards the Burrow. There is a bug flying around Harry Potter's ear—cosmic punishment for letting The Right One get away. Molly Weasley is crying, and Arthur offers her a tissue. Fleur shifts in her seat as the baby kicks. None of that matters, though, when the official pronounces Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley man and wife. As the couple share their first kiss, their family and friends burst into applause.

    The temperature is twenty-five degrees Celsius.


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