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The Deal- Challange 5, Film Noir

Title: The Deal
Words: 495
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, mature themes, UST
Author's Notes: This drabble is dedicated to this round’s finalists, leigh_adams and cursedinsanity. Enjoy!

“I want him dead,” crooned the fiery redhead from the doorway. Draco allowed his gaze to travel from her strappy heels up her long legs, visible by a far too high slit on the clinging black dress, all the way up to her deep red lips and her fuck-me eyes. That sinful hair flowed down around her luscious breasts, framing them in the most sensual way…
 “Whiskey?” he asked, stamping out his cigarette into his deco ashtray.
“Double, no ice.”
Rounding his desk to the ample bar at the back of his office he watched as she sauntered past him to his desk, where she took a seat on the edge and peeled off her long silk gloves. Draco poured the drinks into crystal decanters and carried them to the mysterious woman.
“So tell me,” he murmured, handing her the drink and allowing his fingers to caress down her smooth arm up to her bare shoulder and exposed collarbone. “What brought about this decision?”
“That’s not your problem, is it Malfoy?” she purred, her husky voice striking him straight to his core. “Your problem is figuring out how to assassinate the most heavily guarded man in the world.”
“That won’t be a problem,” he growled, pressing her into the desk, dragging his hand down her side to measure her voluptuous curves. His teeth caught her neck and he felt her shiver and press her body into him, stirring his senses. She placed a hand on his shoulder, warding him off as she sidled from his grip to fold herself into the chair reserved for clientele, ready to talk business. Draco rounded his mahogany desk and fished his pure gold cigarette holder out of his pocket, flicked it open, and held one out to the stunning woman before him who leaned forward and closed her plump crimson lips around it. Draco lit it with a wave of his hand and she leaned back, pulling the smoke into her lungs making her generous breasts rise in the process. Smirking, Draco took a fag of his own and settled down to deal.
“Besides what you’ll acquire once he’s out of the picture?” she simpered saucily.
“This is a business deal, after all,” Draco muttered, exhaling the succulent smoke.
“The rewards are…infinite,” she promised, leaning forward to allow her cleavage to spill forward from its tight sheath. “We are talking about the Boy-Who-Lived, after all.”
“Your husband is an important man,” Draco said, pressing the fire from his cigarette and leaving it to smolder on the ceramic. “I may need some…incentive.”
Ginny stood and pulled the dress open from a side panel in the gown, revealing the lacy and revealing teddy beneath as she strode toward him and lowered herself into his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck she sucked his earlobe into her hot mouth.
“What would you say if I cleared your desktop?”
He drew in a shaky breath. “Enjoy being a widow, Mrs. Potter.”

Tags: challenge 5, jff drabbles

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