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Draco/Ginny LDWS

Last Drabble Writer Standing

Draco/Ginny: Last Drabble Writer Standing
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A Drabble Writing Community and home of Draco/Ginny LDWS
Welcome to dg_ldws!

Home of the Draco/Ginny Last Drabble Writer Standing contest.

What is LDWS?

It's a writing competition spanning seven weeks (one round). Contestants sign up for a round and each week, we issue a challenge. Then, participants submit their drabbles and anyone, even non-members, can vote for their favorite.

All members are welcome to submit just-for-fun (JFF) drabbles for each challenge. JFF drabbles are also put up for a vote, but they aren't eligible for the competition.

Each challenge will result in at least one contestant being eliminated until only one remains: the Last Drabble Writer Standing.

Find out if you have what it takes to be the last one standing!
Contest Rules

1. You must join the community in order to participate in the competition.

2. Writers must sign up at the beginning of a round to be eligible for the contest.

3. LDWS drabbles must be anonymous to ensure fairness in voting. Please do not post or show them to anyone else (beta excluded) until we announce winners.

4. Challenges will be issued on Saturdays.

5. Drabbles are due before midnight (EST) on Wednesday every week.

6. Voting begins on Thursday and ends at midnight (EST) Friday for a 48-hour reading period.

7. LDWS drabble word limits will be specified. All ratings are welcome.

8. Contestants have one "skip" per round which they can use before the semifinals (four contestants remaining). No skips are allowed for the first challenge.

9. Contestants may NOT vote for themselves and MUST vote every challenge.

10. If you've read these rules, include the password in your sign-up post. The password for this round is "Cinema."
About the Community

1. Everyone is welcome to read and write! You don't have to be a member to vote.

2. Drabbles should at least mention Draco or Ginny (romance is optional).

3. Any member can post just-for-fun (JFF) drabbles to the community main page as regular entries for any prompt at any time, even after the challenge ends. Whereas contest drabbles are submitted via screened comments. All ratings welcome. Use this header:

Title - Prompt #: Challenge e.g. Draco Dormiens - 01: Lies Beneath


4. The JFF drabble word limit is 1299. Post under LJ-cut if longer than 150 words.

5. JFF drabbles must be posted by midnight (EST) on Saturday, the day after the Last Drabble Writer Standing is named, to be eligible for that round's JFF poll.
Affiliates and Credits

Our affiliates:

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To become an affiliate, please comment here.

Rules were modeled after pphp_ldws and dramione_ldws.

Special thanks to:

tiny_q for the header and Round 5 banner art | Tiny Q's gallery
sororitysheep for the Round 4 banner art
twinklepug for the Round 3 banner art
hooh for the Rounds 1 & 2 banner art
mentahelada for the layout
gossymer for the profile codes